Diploma in Family Therapy

The Centre auspices an accredited Diploma in Family Therapy which began in 2002 and is available to mental health care practitioners from all disciplines.

The Diploma in Family Therapy is comprised of flexible learning: a combination of distance learning and workshop attendance. This was the first course in Family Therapy to offer flexible learning in Australia and has always been accredited with the Victorian Association of Family Therapy, now the Australian Association of Family Therapy.

Students from around the country are able to apply. If you would like to know more please contact us.

Like most of us I have a number of selves; the me before and after different life events that have molded me and changed my character. Studying family therapy is one of these life events that has changed my being in the most fundamental and powerful way. Although I had an appreciation of family therapy, working alongside family therapists in a non for profit organisation for 5 years, it was only after doing my training through Alma Road Family Therapy Centre that I was a true believer in the power of working with relationships in creating meaningful and lasting change.

My entry into my family therapy training course came at the perfect time in my life having been recently married just months before starting the course and having a child during the first year of the course. Even my daughter knew how to fit into the course and she was born during the ‘family of origin' unit! Thinking about my own family of origin and relationship dynamics played a big part in my thoughts about choice of name for my daughter.

It wasn’t just me that experienced the course this way, my colleagues too re-examined themselves and their relationships, particularly during the unit on older adults and dynamics around aging and illness. A family’s ability to change and reorganise itself in the face of life stressors is a process that effects everyone.

Having both the intellectual understanding plus experiencing this in a real way in my own family has made me a better person and a better clinician. Although I am a relatively young clinician, my older colleagues often approach me about dynamics in our team and our association with other teams in our workplace. They say that I am wise. I say go forth and study family therapy

Tanya, student at AFTC