Est. 1997

Since opening our doors in March 1997, we set out to create an environment
that offers an ambience where clients will feel welcome and comfortable.

Our Vision

We opened the doors of Alma Family Therapy Centre in March 1997 with the aim of creating a space for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and medical family therapists to offer mental health services in a supported and team environment.
We set out to create a physical environment that offers a comfortable ambience where clients will feel welcome and comfortable. The centre is serviced by good public transport, has free street car parking available and is set in a peaceful garden.

Our Values

We believe in the rights of clients to access the therapy that they wish.
A key value behind the set up of Alma Family Therapy Centre was to provide a place in which individuals and/or different generations of a family would feel comfortable accessing support either individually or as a family.

Getting to AFTC via public transport

The Centre is located close to Malvern train station. Trams number 64 and 16 also stop on the corner of Dandenong and Hawthorn Roads, a few metres from the Centre.


There is both unlimited and limited street parking on Alma Road, Hawthorn Road and in nearby side streets. Dandeong Road citybound has unlimited street parking after 9.30am.

  • Address: 403 Alma Road, North Caulfield.
  • Phone: 61 (0) 3 9500 2411
  • Fax: 61 (0) 3 9500 2840
  • Email:

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