Est. 1997
Since opening our doors in March 1997, we set out to create an environment that offers an ambience where clients will feel welcome and comfortable.

Our Directors

Miriam and Livia have worked together since 1975 at Monash University. They opened the practice after 20 years of working together in a staff and student counselling unit.

Their particular interest at that time was the mind body connection – Miriam being a clinical psychologist and Livia a medical practitioner, and they worked on linking the two modalities to offer clients a broad perspective of mental and physical health care.

Miriam and Livia also realized they had a unique combination of skills which would be valuable for training doctors in the counseling field as many of the GP consultations involved psychological issues.

They initially wrote a distance course for postgraduate GPs that was run through Monash University Medicine Faculty of General Practice.

Some years later they decided to find a setting in which they could teach family therapy and work as practitioners in family therapy.